Calcium Sulfate Fertilizer in Gardening

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Why You Should Use Calcium Sulfate Fertilizer in Gardening?

Why You Should Use Calcium Sulfate Fertilizer in Gardening?

Heavy clay or the layer of hard subsoil issues in your garden?

It is a prevalent trouble for the gardeners causing soil compaction, soggy soil and the poor drainage. Calcium sulfate fertilizer can be used to overcome the issue. As it helps to loosen the heavy clays; It is known as clay-breaker for the same reason. Gypsum, an excellent source of calcium and sulfur nutrients for plants can also be used as a soil conditioner.

It creates the moisture and the air slots that can lose and break the soil structure. Calcium sulfate fertilizer is relatively cheap and easy to spread in the garden whenever needed. To recondition the soil, using the gypsum is a well-established tradition. As it can be spread on the soil’s surface of flowerbeds, the vegetables garden or the lawn conveniently.

Applying calcium sulfate fertilizer rules

  • It is spread on the lawn with the aid of a lawn spreader.
  • It can be spread anytime in a year. Just one application is required per year.
  • To get the desired result, immediately irrigate after applying Calcium Sulphate fertilizer.
  • It will not affect soil pH and will not cause any harm to animals or humans.

Five Unparalleled Benefits of Calcium Sulphate Fertilizer

Check out some of the striking benefits of agricultural grade calcium sulphate fertilizer you might have missed so far:

1- Enhances Soil Structure

It supplies calcium that flocculates & loosens clay soils and open spaces of pores. It also improves penetration of air, water and roots into soil.

2- Increases Water Infiltration

Due to improved soil structure, soil’s hydraulic conductivity and water infiltration rate will be increased.

3- Supplies Vital Macronutrients

Gypsum when used as fertilizer can supply sufficient sulfur and calcium minerals to plants for its proper growth & development.

4- Efficient Moisture Retention

A quality calcium sulphate fertilizer when spread properly helps retaining the moisture content of the soil. This increases the water-use efficiency of soil that is particularly important during drought conditions.

5- Improves Nutrient Absorption

Calcium mineral is needed for the effective biochemical mechanism of the plant through which vital nutrients are absorbed. It is known to regulate and balance micronutrients in plants and also optimize calcium to sulphate ratio in garden soils. Looking for an effective fertilizer for your crop field? consider adding our quality CalciSoil gypsum to the soil. It will supply plants with needed calcium & sulfur that will boost their growth development.