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Ever Bright is accredited as one of the largest wholesalers of best quality agricultural gypsum and many other gypsum products in the Middle East. Being one of the trusted names in the global market, our offered agricultural gypsum is best known as a natural organic fertilizer that is ideal for lawn and garden. Horticulture growers of vegetables, fruits and ornamentals make use of this gypsum to enhance soil structure. This results in improved growth, quality, insect’s resistance capacity, nutritional value and environmental stress.

You can buy lawn fertilizer from this platform and use it for your field. It is rich in calcium, sulfur and other vital minerals, the gypsum acts as an excellent fertilizer that provides these minerals to the soil without increasing pH. When spread on the soil surface, it acts as a brilliant soil amendment that doesn’t require its deep incorporation within it owing to its water-soluble nature.

Incredible Benefits of Lawn and Garden Gypsum

Due to practical insights and ongoing research, the use of Lawn and Garden Gypsum has come in the notice in recent years. Farmers who use Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate in their garden, lawn or field finds its application very beneficial owing to these listed qualifies:

_ Supplies vital micronutrients such as calcium and sulfate to plants.

_ Improves high sodium and salinity level typically caused by irrigation or de-icing.

_ Restores subsoils’ acidity that is caused due to extreme alum levels.

_ Flocculates clay soils to enhance oxygen and water infiltration, thereby reducing surface water run-off and retains nutrients.

_ Loosens and softens hard soils used in the garden, lawn or any other agricultural land.

Pivotal Properties of Gypsum that makes it Ideal for Agricultural Use

To make use of gypsum as an organic lawn fertilizer in agriculture, it is essential to have a sound understanding of its properties. Below are explained some of the important factors that state why gypsum has gained significant importance as lawn and garden fertilizer in recent years:

1. Source of Plant Nutrients

_ Due to various climate conditions, agricultural soils have shown a significant decrease in the Sulfur content that affects its growth significantly.

_ The addition of sulfur in the form of fertilizer offers a continuous supply of this vital mineral to the soil.

_ It enhances the production of the crop in sulfur deficient soil when used for many crops such as canola, corn, soybean, alfalfa, to name a few.

_ In addition to Sulfur, Calcium is equally important for the healthy growth of plants’ roots else it may result in poor yield of fruits and vegetables.

2. Enhances Physical Properties of Soil

_ By addition of soluble Calcium through gypsum, dispersion effects of sodium and magnesium ions can be overcome easily.

_ Also, it helps in promoting flocculation as well as soil structure development in the dispersed soil.

3. Improves Chemical Properties of Soil

_ Gypsum is used as an organic lawn fertilizer where it acts as a soil amendment for remediating subsoil acidity. It is 200 times more soluble than lime. Due to this, calcium and sulfur movement into soils gets enhanced.

_ However, due to greater solubility of gypsum, when applied on the soil surface, physical and chemical properties exhibit positive results at depth.

Therefore, instead of purchasing harmful chemicals for crops it is advised you to apply organic natural gypsum fertilizer to your land and see the difference. Get in touch with us now.