High-Quality Clay Breaker for Gardens and Lawns

Established in the year 1982, Ever Bright is an ISO 9001:2015 certified online and offline wholesaler that supplies quality clay-breaker to consumers spanning across the globe. Owing to its amazing benefits, the offered clay-breakers are popular for its soil conditioning, amending and fertilizing property.

Furthermore, it enables better water penetrations into the soil and increases aeration resulting in improved soil structure. The clay-breaker offered by us enhances the drainage of wet soils and decreases the occurrence of root rot diseases of the plant. The active ingredients, calcium sulfate breaks heavy clay soils with the aid of chemical exchange between clay particles and gypsum. This results in more friable soil (a soil that has a crumbly texture and is suitable for underground activity).

Mode of Applying Clay Breaker

It is important to dig the soil or loosen before spreading clay breaker and its quantity depends on per square meter. After its spread, water it properly. When applied before laying a new lawn, it is considered as the best time for its accurate growth. If it is to apply on a larger area, spread the product (clay-breaker) first and then rotary hoe it into the agricultural soil. Farmers can also apply it using a fertilizer spreader. No wonder, it can also be spread using hand after wearing gloves.

In case of an existing lawn, aerate the lawn properly with the utmost care, making many holes and then spread agricultural gypsum. Finally, put water in the well. This can be applied to soils of all types of lawns and gardens. Also, growers/farmers can use a pitchfork to make sufficient holes before broadcasting water in the well.

Safety Measures While Applying Clay Breaker Gypsum

  • Clay breaker may cause irritation to eyes and skin, so avoid its contact with eyes and skin.
  • Always wear PVC gloves of elbow-length when mixing this product for use.
  • Don’t forget to use google or face shield when applying clay breaker to the soil.
  • In case you are using a controlled droplet applicator or sprayer to spread clay breaker, always wear water-proof protective clothing and good quality boots.
  • Make sure to wash your hands and arms with soap and water after using it and also before eating and drinking.
  • Once your work for the day is over with clay breaker, don’t forget to wash your googles, gloves, contaminated clothing and face shield.
  • Always store clay breaker in its original container in a cool and well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid direct exposure of sunlight for a long time.

Application Rate:

Several factors determine the application rate of clay breaker to soil which among others include:

  • Length of your garden area
  • Width of your garden area
  • Depth to which the product is to be laid
  • Type of product

Ever Bright premium quality Clay breaker is an excellent soil conditioner organic mineral fertilizer for garden and lawn.

Benefits of Using Clay Breakers

  • Breaks up clay soil, loosens compacted and hard soil
  • Forms a deeper topsoil
  • Allows roots of plants to penetrate deep, resulting in better plants’ growth
  • Enhances soil drainage capacity
  • Decreases moss, root rot and many fungal plant diseases
  • Improves the water absorption capacity and makes plants available sufficient air, water & nutrients
  • Increases moisture retention power in a dry atmosphere, decreased soil cracking and crusting
  • Improves fertilizers’ effectiveness
  • Provides a rich amount of calcium that strengthen cell walls, making plants resistant to diseases and insects
  • Supplies adequate amount of sulfur, required for rich development of green protein in leaves
  • Increases beneficial activity of microbes that aids in the composting process, subsequently lowers its unpleasant odors.